Project 2


What is Strux?

What do we do at Strux?

Umm, ..Even we don’t know, Let’s figure it out together??

Here’s what a Coffee Date while signing a TOA at Strux has to offer :/Have an idea?

Let’s strux it over a coffee date and if our stars favour well, we can sign TOA too?

Here’s what a coffee date at strux looks like:

Your website is like an amateur, pretty much like us ! What it need is the right grooming and complete external guidance and control/

Your website is like a mug of coffee. It’s ability to drive your business Crazy Comes from what’s inside the mug/

Just like the appealing aroma of the coffee, your website has the ability to appeal your core values and competent potential.

Business Idea: Glitches in your Business matrix ? We’ll stand by you,we will

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Posted on

June 2, 2021