Design & Graphics

The creative process of visually designing different illustrations, artworks, images, words, visual arts, and page layout techniques in order to produce the final outcome on different media such as website, poster, or a package.

Well, now we know what design and graphics mean let us dive in and know why it is necessary!

1) Good First Impression

When a customer hears about your brand for the first time, they are most likely going
to do some preliminary research on your website before making a purchase. What
does your website’s homepage say about your brand? Are there bright, cheery
colors with weird fonts? Or did you use sleek, professional design elements with grey
and silver tone?

 2) Credibility

Graphic design is essential for any business wanting to create credibility in their industry or field. The more content you provide that helps solves a problem or relieve a pain point, the more the audience will trust your advice and start to regard you as an expert in your field. Consistent quality content creation is the key to building a dedicated following of people who trust your brand and believe in your message

3) Creativity kills competition

Graphic design is essential for any business looking to slay competition in the marketplace. To stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace, you’ve got to get creative. Create content that approaches an idea, solves a problem, or innovatively relieves a pain point. Graphic design can be used to empathize with the audience by literally showing the audience what life would look like and feel like with pain point x solved by your product, service, or advice

 4) Efficiency in Summarising

Infographics are a great way to summarize information that your audience would otherwise skim over (or skip reading altogether). Humans are heavily influenced by visuals; adding relevant graphics to text can deepen our understanding and the recollection of information. Graphic design is essential for any business looking to share information with ease. Infographics are actually liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content.

The idea behind this is to keep the post as long as possible but summarize all the points through images, i.e. actually show them how graphics can save them their reading time and help them to remember better. For this, we will have to swipe images and then, in the end, we can tell them that if you have seen the images, congratulations you’ve saved this much time and understood x% more than the people who have read. We can have a CTA button or a compelling image that forces somebody to see the image first